30-Second Pitch

The next piece in your communication toolkit is your 30-second pitch. It allows you to describe your business in 30 seconds or less. It can be used whenever someone asks about your business, whether you’re out having lunch, in an investor’s meeting, or at a networking event. It can also be shared with your team to ensure that everyone is sending a consistent message.

You want your pitch to come out naturally, so your script should be fairly loose. It should also evolve as you gather feedback from others and as the business evolves.

You can use this template as a starting point for your pitch.

Introduce yourselfBe genuinely sincere about meeting new people. Look them in the eye, stand confidently, and be engaged in the conversation. “Nice to meet you, my name is…”
State your business nameDon’t wait for a compliment. Just make a statement. “My company is…”
If relevant, include where you operateThis part of the pitch depends on the situation. If you are at an international meeting or conference or work globally, it may not be relevant. “We are based in Dubai,” or “We offer e-commerce solutions to small businesses around the world.”
Make it meaningful and memorableTalk about what you offer in terms of positive outcomes. Your problem statement can be useful here. “Our products give you an in-home, affordable, top-quality coffee experience.”