Analyzing You Impact with Metrics

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Analyzing Your Impact with Metrics
A complementary action within marketing is measuring, and working with social media is no exception to the measurement rule. What kinds of measurements are you already gathering for your marketing efforts?
In this session, we’ll explore the use of metrics, how we need to measure our results, and how timing can impact what we get.
Useful Metrics
We know in marketing that everything we do needs to be measured, but how on earth will we track social media? Most social media sites have some methods for you to track your profile visits and the number of people who follow you or like your page. In addition, you can set your hub site (often that’s the main page of your website) or a particular page that you bring them to only if they click a link on one of your social media pages or status updates. Your own website should be able to track where visitors to any page are coming from, and how many reports, giveaways, or other attractions you use are downloaded.
One of the things that we want to measure is interaction. It will not mean a thing if you amass a kajillion followers unless they are developing a relationship with you and at some stage start using your services or products, even if those services and products are free. I know plenty of professional trainers and speakers who offer free tips, reports, and information guides about their industry. Their intent is to establish relationships rather than sell directly on social media. The result is that they do not bug anyone with bothersome “buy now!” or “special offer for ten minutes!” messages. They provide information, and then when a prospect wants something, the prospect can also buy from them.
Make sure that you check the account settings and properties for any profiles that you establish, and that you check the number of people you interact with on a regular basis. If you are a small company, you will want to check in about once every quarter to make sure your digital reach is as deep as possible, and that your efforts to connect are working. Large and multi-national companies will want to check even more often. No matter what size you are, keep an eye on things, just as you do with all of your marketing efforts.