Another day at the office

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Another Day at the Office
Please read the case study about Myron and his problems with time management. Then, answer the questions to help Myron get control over his workload.
Case Study
It was 7:20 a.m. when Myron arrived at the office. He was early because he wanted to clear the backlog of work that had been piling up on his desk. He turned on the lights and started to go through yesterday’s mail. As he read the first piece, he realized he couldn’t deal with it until a colleague arrived. He set it aside and went to the next. This item had potential application to a project he was working on, so he walked down the hall and made a copy for his personal use.
As he continued reading his mail he came across a journal article of particular interest and become engrossed in it. As he looked up, he was startled to find that others were arriving and it was nearly 9:00.
He quickly pushed the remaining mail to a corner of his desk and reached for a project file due tomorrow with at least two days of work yet to be completed. As he opened the file, Bill and Claire stopped by and invited him to join them for coffee. Myron decided he could spare ten minutes. Bill and Claire were both anxious to share the details of a play they attended last night. Before Myron realized it, thirty minutes had passed and he hurried back to his office.
As Myron entered his office, the phone rang. It was Mr. Wilson, his manager. There was a meeting scheduled at 10:00. Could Myron sit in for him? There was something to be discussed that the department should know about. Myron looked at his watch. There wasn’t enough time to get started on the project so he pushed the file aside and vowed to start it immediately after lunch.
The afternoon wasn’t any better. A few visitors, a few phone calls, a couple of letters, and the day was over. Nothing had been accomplished on the project that was due tomorrow. As he stuffed papers into his briefcase, he wondered how Bill and Claire were able to attend plays during the evening.
Discussion Questions

  • Did he make good use of his best time of day?
  • Did he work on his high priority items?
  • Did he have a problem saying no?
  • Did he complete the tasks he started?
  • Did he understand his problems?
  • What would you recommend for Myron?