Building You Social Media Team

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Building Your Social Media Team
You may already have people set up in teams in your company. Are they on teams that are combined because of similar function? Do you have cross-functional teams or project teams?
In this session, you’ll think about the team of people (or perhaps it will be one individual) who will take on the social media marketing responsibilities.
Building the Team
To realize the best return on your investment in social media marketing, you need to focus your efforts on the same media your customers and prospects are using and are interested in. Getting the right people on your social media marketing team is also essential.
In a large business, social media responsibilities can be assigned to a range of positions: the marketing department, sales, communications, or public relations. You may have several people blogging, updating profiles and statuses, and writing. In a smaller business it can be just one person, but in any case, it needs to be the RIGHT people.
Social media needs to be a part of their job responsibilities, not just something that is added on as an extra task or else it’ll be treated like an extra task and take last priority. There needs to be a budget for time and resources so that your messages look professional and represent your brand. You also want to ensure that there are no copyright infringements or other legal problems.
The social media team could easily be drawn from each of the disciplines mentioned above so that you leverage strengths of each team member and your messages look good. You may also want to determine what kind of giveaways, contests, or other methods you will use to draw your community to you. Whoever looks after your social media marketing needs to research and understand the rules for any site they use because some social media sites restrict what a business can do. Check out the Terms of Reference for every site that you use.