Creating a Positive Self-Image

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Creating a Positive Self-Image
Some people give little thought to their image, while others seem to focus on it exclusively. While dressing well can be inconvenient at times (since dry cleaning, ironing, and fabric care take some time and money), it can do great things for your career.
In this lesson, we will discuss how self-image influences your results, and what you can do to improve your self-image with your career in mind.
Seven Things People Determine from Your Appearance
Another element of our communication with others is our image of ourselves and our awareness of how others see us. This is a big part of our ability to give feedback to, and take feedback from, others.
While it may not seem fair or accurate, people do make judgments based on your appearance. If you take a deep look inside yourself, you probably judge people by their appearance too. In general, we tend to assume seven things, just based on appearance alone.
These things include:

  • Income
  • Educational Level
  • Social Position
  • Sophistication
  • Success
  • Moral Character
  • Trustworthiness

Read the following questions. Check yes or no for each question.

Yes No
Have you tried to wear your hair in a different way? Some ideas: part it on the other side, straighten it, curl it, color it, or have it buzzed short.
Do your glasses allow for good eye contact to take place?
Do people notice your jewelry?
Are people distracted by your clothing or jewelry?
Do you organize the clothes in your closet so that they are coordinated for easy dressing in the morning?
Are you always neatly groomed? (Includes a daily shower, nails neat and trimmed, clothes clean and pressed, and shoes polished.)