Dilemmas with Clients

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Dilemmas with Clients
Depending on the type of work that you do, you may spend as much time with clients as you do your colleagues. Clients can exert pressure for you to behave unethically, and we want to make sure you can manage the pressure.
In this session, you’ll work through some potential dilemmas with clients and get some practice working through them.
Potential Dilemmas
Clients can sometimes request that we do something unethical for a number of reasons: to get them a better airline seat, to get them a better deal, or even just to give them the service they think they deserve. They can also do so unintentionally; for example, by asking you to share confidential information to help them make a decision.
These are also the types of decisions that require you to be ethically fit. Know where your line is (and your company’s line). Having a mental process in place to address these ethical decisions is crucial to your survival.