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Getting Started
Social media marketing is a part of a company’s marketing strategy, and one cannot replace the other. (However, marketing with social media is certainly giving print advertising, mailouts, and e-mails lists a run for their money.)
In this session, you’ll explore how social media fits with marketing. We’ll also review your pre-assignment.
What is Social Media?
Social media is a technology that facilitates communication and sharing by using a platform. Those platforms are changing and evolving all the time. Although there are some steady platforms available, there are many more that appear and then disappear rapidly. Around the world there are hundreds of millions of people (also referred to as “users”) who interact with at least one social media site at least once. As a marketing opportunity for you and your company, the options seem endless!
Business owners and marketers often ask if they really need to get involved with social media. It can be a lot of work and take up time and resources, and we’re not even sure how to measure the payoff. However, the savvy business understands that if your customers are on social media, you should be contacting them there. If your clients are not on social media, then don’t spend your marketing time and money marketing there right now, although you’ll need to be ready if they are headed that way.