Knowing Who You Are

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Knowing Who You Are
Part of setting up your own path is to reflect on who you are and then make some decisions about where you wish to be. We all have choices that we can make, and people who are strong self-leaders create a plan.
In this session, you’ll create your personal vision statement and learn to set goals using the SPIRIT model.
Creating a Personal Vision Statement
If you want to feel like you’re getting more out of life, then we recommend that you set a personal vision statement. This will then help you set short and long term goals, which should influence your daily plan. All self-leaders need to know what they want from life and to have a plan to get there. You can think of it like a pyramid:
There are three important steps to creating your personal vision.
Step One: Identify Your Values
The list below reflects some common values. Choose the ten that are most important to you as a person (meaning that they apply both at work and at home). You can customize the wording, or add your own to the list.

Ability to make decisions and implement them Ability to persuade and influence others Achieving excellence
Achieving fame and recognition Adventure and excitement Behaving ethically
Being challenged by pressures and deadlines Being organized and dependable Being skilled and capable
Building a family Building meaningful relationships with others Competition with others
Contributing to society Cooperation with others Demonstrating expertise
Diversity in daily tasks Doing something meaningful Efficient and effective
Enjoying what you do Environmental rights Establishing a reputation
Expressing creativity Feeling excited and stimulated by life Feeling independent
Feeling of belonging and community Feeling of inner harmony Feeling of patriotism
Financial security Financial wealth Free speech/human rights
Freedom to set your own pace and goals Having a feeling of security Having power and control
Having privacy Helping those in need Religion and/or spirituality
Leading others to success Moving at a fast pace Moving at a slow pace
Being productive Reliability Self-development
Sense of accomplishment Serving the public Spontaneity
Truth and integrity Working as part of a team Working individually

We cannot focus on too many things at one time and remain effective, which is essential for self-leaders. Look at the ten values you selected and select the five that are most important to you. Cross the others off. Be firm with yourself if you need to be. Remember, you are focusing on what is really important to you.
Next, reduce the list to just three values. These are the things at your very core. Cross the other two off your list. Put circles around the three items that are your core values.
Step Two: Define Your Values – (On your own)
Now, outline what success for each of those values would look like.
Value One
Value Two
Value Three
Step Three: Put It All Together
Finally, bring the three statements together into one paragraph. You may feel that you need to go back and re-evaluate your values, or you may want to re-work some sentences to create what is meaningful to you. That’s OK! Above all, this should be a reflection of your innermost thoughts and a roadmap for how you would like to conduct your life.
Use some time to write out your vision statement.