Making Connections

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Making Connections
Facts and Myths
There are some myths about value-added selling. Some believe that value-added selling only applies to very complex technical sales. Wrong! Some of the most successful value-added organizations sell a commodity identical to those of four or five other companies in the area. They have simply learned how to differentiate or package their product.
Some people think that only the product can have value added. Both the salesperson and the vendor can add value to the product. This kills the myth that only managers or those high up in the chain of command can design and deliver added value for customers.
Some people think that because it’s not unique, it doesn’t count. There are salespeople who remain silent about some of the special features or benefits of their product because everyone could say the same about their product. One example is the cell phone that can offer travelers some protection against being stranded along the road. Yes, every cell phone has that benefit, but not all companies, or all sales people, talk about that benefit. Plus, not all cell phone companies have service coverage along all roadways!