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How effective is your workplace? How effective – and engaged – are you as a part of that workplace? Some days we have no problem giving 100% at work, while other days are more challenging.
In this lesson, we’ll consider what managers and front-line staff see as their biggest challenges.
Management Reports
Working in a call center can be challenging at the best of times! Here are some of the most common issues that call center employees face.
Poor Training
Employees who must hit the ground running are hired and set up with very little training. Most have either some sales skills or some administration skills, but rarely both.
Lack of Structure
For staff that are in an in-bound call center (for example, answering inquiries about services such as alarm systems or software material), there can be times of the day that are very slow. There are no set duties for these slow times, so employees may read, study, or play video games to pass the time.
Inconsistency on How to Handle Difficult Calls/Customers
Training must be provided to every new employee and should be offered for senior staff to keep them up to date and effective.
Distractions from Co-Workers
Depending on how the center is set up, as well as the dedication of individuals, they may pester, joke, or just generally waste time as a way to avoid getting bored or to have some fun at work.
These are people who are physically at work; they show up for each shift and provide some service. They are not, however, engaged in the job, so they put in their time without actually committing to the organization. The word is a play on the word absenteeism, where an individual is absent from work. With presenteeism, they are there in the workplace, but contribute next to nothing and might just as well be absent