Motivation for Optimists

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Motivation for Optimists
We’re all motivated by different things and move in different directions. Are you highly motivated? How do you see the world? Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person, or is it even remotely that easy to describe you?
In this session, you’ll explore motivation and optimism in the context of self-leadership.
Motivation from Within
The things that motivate us are as different as the people we know. Do you know what motivates you?
What motivated Walt Disney to create cartoons and capture them on film?
What motivated Mohammed Ali to become a world champion boxer?
What motivated Stephen King to be an internationally renowned writer?
The things that motivate us include the rewards we get from doing the things that we want to do. This doesn’t mean that self-leadership means being self-serving without thought to other people’s needs, or to the laws or social mores that govern the way we act. It does mean that there are things that we do where the act of doing is its own reward and that in itself is motivating.
Other times, there are more tangible rewards. A reward can be simple, like time to read a book or having lunch with a mentor. These kinds of rewards help to motivate us quite easily and naturally. Other times, more sophisticated rewards are needed to encourage us to complete tasks that we don’t find naturally rewarding.