Pessimism vs. Optimism

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Pessimism vs. Optimism
A pessimist and optimist view the same situations differently. Dr. Martin Seligman explains it like this:

  • A pessimist sees things as permanent, pervasive, and personal.
  • An optimist will see it as temporary, isolated, and from the perspective that effort is possible. They see that they have control.
Permanent Pervasive Powerless
Temporary Isolated Effort Possible

VET Process
VET is a way to help to explore the problem. VET stands for Validate, Explore, and Transform.
Validating emotions means recognizing what it is and naming it. It doesn’t try to ignore or change what the emotion is. It is accepting it for what it is… a piece of information.
Exploring looks at understanding why you are feeling that emotion. Where did it come from and why is it useful information to have?
The last process is transforming the emotion so you can create the best possible outcome.