Sample Pitch Deck

Here is a sample pitch deck for our QuikBrew idea.

Slide 1

The first slide should contain your company logo or a related image. You should also include the company name, tagline or motto (if you have one), and your contact information.

Slide 2

Describe your team. If you are on your own right now, you can omit this slide.

Slide 3

Describe what you do. Your problem statement can be useful here.

Slides 4 and 5

Describe your products and services. Here, we have a slide with a video of the coffee machine. Then, we have graphics outlining key points.

(Please note that the video in this template is for demonstration purposes only, and is not a working video.)

Slide 6

Describe your distribution strategy and market segments.

Slides 7 and 8

Describe your key markets and how you will reach them. Our sample business will market to other businesses and home users.

Slide 9

Describe the competition and how your company measures up. Focus on the positive things about your company rather than negative things about the competition. Include statistics whenever possible.

Slide 10

Show a three- to five-year projection of revenue, expenses, and profit. Be as accurate as possible and be prepared to explain how you calculated these numbers.

Slide 11

Share the metrics that you calculated as part of your financial projection. Just as with the previous slide, be as accurate as possible and be prepared to explain how you calculated these numbers.

Slides 12 and 13

Explain where you are, where you are going, and how extra funds would help the business.

Slide 14

Ask for feedback and questions. Include contact information for yourself as well as the business’ website and social media pages.

Slide 15

Thank your audience for their time and end the presentation on a positive note.