Setting Goals With Spirit!

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Setting Goals with SPIRIT
Most of us can’t hit a target if we don’t know where to look for it. Likewise, you have a better chance of reaching your goals if you follow some guidelines when you are making them. Peak performers write their goals down, look at them regularly, and make adjustments as needed. When you think of the things that you really want in life, write them down so that they have SPIRIT.
Be specific about what you want or don’t want to achieve. The result should be tangible and measurable. “Look gorgeous” is pretty ambiguous; “Lose 20 pounds” is specific.
Reward yourself at different points in the goal, particularly if it’s long-term. If your goal is to set up a home office, for example, you might purchase a new desk when the room is cleared out and ready.
The goal must be something that you want to do. If your spouse wants you to lose 20 pounds but you think you look fine, you’re not going to want to work towards the goal.
Review your progress periodically. Does the goal make sense? Are you stuck? Do you need to adjust certain parts of it?
Frame the goal positively. Make it fun to accomplish. You could make a poster of the end result, frame it, and post it on the wall.
Give yourself a deadline for achieving the goal. Even better, split the goal into small parts and give yourself a deadline for each item.
A Personal Action Plan
You know, most of us settle for much less than we can be. Don’t settle for that. It takes work to make changes, but we can change — we just have to want that change badly enough to take action!
Many of us are full of ideas but short on taking real action to put those ideas into play. Maybe we try something once and then meet failure because we didn’t think and plan the actions through. But you know what they say about the lottery: “You can’t win if you don’t buy a ticket.” The same is true in life: “If you stop trying, you lose all chance of succeeding.” Make a covenant with yourself saying that you will make an effort to put what you learn today into practice, especially when techniques will benefit you.