Setting Ourselves Up For Success

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Setting Ourselves Up For Success
One of the things that makes self-leaders stand out from the crowd is that they are very serious about being effective. They know their goals and they don’t let them slip for very long if things get off track.
For some of us, we can be effective and keep on track with our goals quite efficiently. Other times, it helps to have an accountability partner. All of us can benefit from accountability support because we can get pulled into projects or invited to take on more commitments than we can really manage at one time. That partner can help you to say no and then stick with it, if needed.
If we look at the success of programs such as Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, or other healthy eating and diet programs, a large part of the reinforcement comes from the way in which the programs are designed. Clients visit the program leader at least once a week and can visit daily if they need to. They receive encouragement, rewards, and support at each of those meetings. In addition, group sessions and support from other individuals help dieters to stay connected to the program. An accountability partner will help you take that support even further. Sometimes they are just waiting to be asked to help!
Have a look at your goals. Which ones could you use some help with? Select one goal that you know will be easier for you to achieve if you have someone to talk to about it from time to time. Then, write down who that person might be. Your accountability partner might be  a workplace mentor, a career counselor, your partner, a good friend, or just about anyone that is supportive, encouraging, and will provide you with a bit of a push when you need one.
Record your ideas for building accountability into your goals.