Stress Busting

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Stress Busting
Working in a busy call center where you complete a call and there is another call immediately in your ear can get stressful. How do you cope?
A great way to handle stress is to manage your own life and time effectively. Have you ever noticed that we can become more out of touch (and stressed) when there are lots of things around us that are out of our control? Many call centers are set up to make maximum use of space, are brightly lit, and noisy. Having a small space, competition for prizes or sales incentives, loud environments, and whiteboards covered in statistics, in addition to the stress that can come from complaining (by colleagues or customers), can add stress to your day. How do you manage and keep on top of stress?
One technique is to manage the things that we can manage:

  • Our behavior
  • Our reactions
  • Our schedules
  • Eating nutritiously
  • Exercise
  • Our own learning

Things that we have less influence over should have less influence over us, such as:

  • Corporate goals
  • The economy
  • Layoffs
  • Untrained staff
  • Equipment changes
  • Size and scope of our workspace
  • Shift in work priorities