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Today in ReThink with Don I want to go over what is the necessary element for a working democracy. We have just passed through our elections and it is a good time to be reminded of what our Founding Fathers thought essential for a democracy to be sustained. My father believed, and said, that a democracy would only work in a Christian society. The men who founded this great nation would agree.

There has to be a plumb line of truth for the people to stand on if they seek to perfect democracy. A plumb line is something by which to measure everything else. Without this constant, a democracy will suffer. Because everyone does what they think is best and there is nothing remaining to pull the people back to what made this country great in the first place.


A consistent measurement of truth is what keeps a people on course. There has to be something in a society that pulls people back to:

  • Industry
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Self-government
  • Limitation of power over others, and
  • The desire to leave a heritage

All the items on this list are what caused our nation to stand out as being a great country. And it is these same principles that must be kept around in order to succeed.  They need to be prioritized and commended. So that we can continue in the blessings that result. But it takes a positive tug in the right direction to stabilize our democracy. And a plumb line is going to provide that. I believe the best thing for this is the life that comes from believing in Jesus Christ.

I have had the chance to speak in front of men’s groups, business groups and churches, been a father, and published a book. But what all this has taught me is that without a plumb line you can’t have a guide to make the right decisions. And there are two sources of the right decisions. Let’s rethink them together.


Besides just the natural world that seems to corroborate the Word of God, the Bible itself is the going to be the best measure of truth you’ll find. The Bible holds all truth. There are many revelations in this world, through many different religions. I’ve read many ancient scripts and modern heresies in my studies. But the Bible is the one that holds water. The Bible is different. You can take the Bible as your guide and rely on it. Because it has been tested by centuries of trustworthiness and vindicated and verified by millions of people.


I’ll talk more about this later. But basically, it’s going to take more than just an external plumb line for you to be at your best. In order to live according to what is right, you’re going to have to develop a keen internal truth as well. This will guide you through not only large decisions but small ones as well. Use these two parts of the ultimate plumb line as safeguards for your behavior and politics. They are proven to be successful. Until next time, this is ReThink with Don Wood.