The Steps of Feeling Good

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The Steps to Feeling Good
It’s not realistic to expect to feel great every day; sometimes difficult things will challenge us. But if you have some solid tools that can help you re-frame your thinking and get things on the right track, things can quickly get better.
In this lesson, you’ll learn about the steps that you can take to help you feel good, even when things are not that well.
The Steps to Feeling Good Are:

  • Writing down a brief description of the negative emotions you feel
  • Writing down what triggers these emotions
  • Outlining what you can do to replace the negative thoughts with more positive ones.
Emotion Describe the Events that Triggered this Emotion What Kind of Thoughts Lead to this Emotion? How to Replace the Negative Thoughts
Sadness or depression Events that involve a loss: a romantic rejection, the death of a loved one, job or money problems, aging, poor health, the failure to reach a personal goal. You may tell yourself you can never be happy without the thing you have lost or that person whom you loved so much. You may feel a loss of self-esteem because you tell yourself you’re inferior or unlovable. Identify that this is only one aspect of your life.
Identify ways that you can minimize the sense of loss.
Find ways to interrupt the cycle of negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
Sadness or depression
Guilt or shame
Anxiety, worry, fear, panic
Hopelessness or discouragement