To Serve and Delight

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Introduction : To Serve and Delight
Being part of a call center is about providing service to your callers that helps connect them to the company that you represent. The more satisfaction you take from doing a good job, the better you feel, and the more trust you develop.
In this lesson, you’ll consider what you say and what it means, as well as several tips for planning the ideal answers.
To Serve and Delight
One of the easy mistakes to slip into is to adjust your speech to what other people might expect. Whether you are new to the workforce or have been around a long time, you might find that your customers sometimes try to push your buttons. For example, they might swear and expect you to do the same. Or they might think that because you are from the same neighborhood or town, you can give them a deal.
The things that you say are a direct reflection on the company that you represent. Customers may not remember exactly what you say, but they will remember the service they receive. The qualities you display determine whether those customers will want to do business with your organization again.
When you talk with someone on the phone, you are the company.
Although you may be tempted, especially if you are talking to a regular customer or someone you know, never EVER speak badly of the company or any of your colleagues. We live in a small world and word of mouth or blast by text message are effective ways for people to share any negative messages you may give them about your company. Even though you may be frustrated or you may know that a customer complaint is a result of a colleague’s bad work habits, your customer does not need to know.
Let’s Try…

If you feel like saying: Try this:
No problem.
Is that it?
That’s just not possible.
Oh, those guys in shipping are a waste of space!
You should have called me yesterday.
Aren’t you the guy that never gets off the phone?
You have to…
That’s not my job.
I dunno.
Honey, sweetheart, or love
Swear word