Asking the Right Questions

Once you have a short list of prospective locations, you can do some more in-depth research to make sure that:

  • The area and building are zoned for your type of business
  • The area and building meets licensing requirements (if applicable)
  • The building has all the facilities you need (such as separate entrances for staff and customers, adequate washrooms, working areas, storage, etc.)
  • The building meets workload and safety requirements for your type of business
  • You can find qualified employees in that area
  • The location is convenient for you to get to
  • The neighborhood is safe and matches your image
  • The location is well-maintained
  • There is adequate transportation and parking for staff and customers
  • There is room for delivery vehicles to safely pick up and drop off merchandise (if applicable)
  • Your insurance will cover that location
  • There is room for growth (either now or in the future)
  • You know how long the lease rate is locked in for and how long lease terms are
  • You know what expenses are included and not included in the lease

Then, you can interview the landlord, examine the space, and perhaps even talk to other tenants. Once you have made a decision, have an attorney review the lease contract before you sign it.