The Three Perspectives

Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth series, says, “Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working in your business rather than on your business.” He describes entrepreneurs as having three distinct perspectives. Although these perspectives often clash, they are all necessary for a successful business.

The Entrepreneur

This is the part of you that wanted to start the business. The entrepreneur is always asking, “What if?” They are focused on innovation, invention, and big dreams. Their goal is to make money and make a difference. They thrive on change and like to be able to lead others into their vision of the future. Without the entrepreneur, the business would not exist.

The Manager

This is the systematic, organized part of the entrepreneur. They thrive on making plans, cleaning up, and maintaining order. The manager is practical, pragmatic, and systematic. Without the manager, the business would not function day to day.

The Technician

This is the part of the entrepreneur who has the passion for the task at hand. This is the dedicated baker, the talented carpenter, or the brilliant scientist. They like to focus on the work at hand and hate being interrupted by the manager’s planning or the entrepreneur’s crazy dreams. Without the technician, the business would have nothing to sell.