Using Social Media Management Tools

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Using Social Media Management Tools
Managing your social media presences, and leveraging it as a marketing tool, is not an undertaking for the light-hearted or the unprepared. It takes a commitment to make it work, and getting help will make it easier for you.
In this session, you’ll explore some of the helpful social media management tools that are available today.
As you’ve probably already realized, social media marketing is a commitment not to be taken lightly. There are some great tools available to help you manage it all. These will help you send out messages to multiple networks at once, receive messages from different services in one place, and help you manage your social media marketing plan. In this session we are going to introduce you to a few social media management tools, but remember that these are not the only ones that are available. As well, things come and go, so do plenty of research before choosing a tool.
Please Note: When you use some of these tools, you are allowing the resource to access your accounts on individual social media networks. When this happens, you grant these social media management tools to have access to your data on the original site. We caution you to read the fine print on any of these sites and to be fully aware of what information you are giving them. If you decide that you don’t want to grant access to your information, simply refrain from signing up. It’s your information, and you need to protect it.
TweetDeck describes itself as an application for Twitter power users. (It is now owned by Twitter.) TweetDeck allows you to sort, filter, and organize incoming information through Twitter status updates so that you can focus on what is important to you. You can use it to schedule your own tweets, which allows you to create tweets ahead of time and then release them in a way that helps you to reach as many followers as possible. This helps accommodate for time zones and people’s reading preferences.
HootSuite provides a dashboard-style approach for you to manage and track measurement of your social networks. You can use HootSuite to update different platforms at one time (including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). This means that you can update everything once and it populates your social networks. HootSuite offers several features as part of a free service. There is also an enhanced package which provides you with more features including additional updating, reporting, and more users.
Posterous is a space that allows you to make an update to any of your social media sites (including a blog), and Posterous will feed the update forward to your networks in the same way that HootSuite does. They promise to respect the privacy settings you use on other sites. They are at (As of this writing, Posterous was recently acquired by Twitter, so it will be interesting to see what changes happen in the future.)
Salesforce Radian6
Radian6 is a fully integrated social media management tool that is supported by ( helps businesses with sales and customer relationship management. They have also branched out into cloud computing.) Radian 6 offers what they call an Engagement Console approach, so that you can scale social media to make it manageable, and then also listen and engage with your customers. They also have sophisticated measurement and tracking capability. Check them out by visiting