Using Specialty Sites

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Using Specialty Sites
Specialty sites are available to help you build, interact, and develop your social media presence effectively. They can help you connect, bring people to your hub site, and achieve your marketing goals.
In this session, you’ll look at specialty sites including Yammer, Pinterest, and SnapGuide. These are just some examples of the many options that exist in our digital spaces.
The beauty of social media is that there are so many options. However, this can be a downside as well.
Specialty sites allow you to focus your interactions, contribute to a community, and/or expand your network in a highly specialized place. We are providing some examples here, but we want to remind everyone that these sites are continually launching, evolving, and refining. We encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open for what is new and could be a good fit to your business.
Yammer calls itself “The Enterprise Social Network” and is a social network for people within companies. Yammer allows you to chat, share, and collaborate within your company structure, without the distraction that is often attributed to public sites like Facebook or Twitter. When the company sets up an account on Yammer, all employees with a dedicated e-mail can also join. Members set up profiles, enter interesting information about themselves, and can communicate within their own company-specific site.
You’ll find this site at At the time of writing, accounts were free, but Yammer has also recently been purchased by Microsoft.
Pinterest is a visually-based site that allows a member to set up a profile, start pinning pictures that they like, and organize their own pictures onto pinboards (like adding pictures to a bulletin board). People can link with you and create a network of shared interests based on your pinboards. While there are commercial benefits to this, there are also some challenges, particularly if you do not have a strong visual element to your business. However, if you start to pin things that might be of interest to your customers (including complementary and even competing products), this can help you to serve your network.
For example, someone who works as a dietician and counsels people on nutrition may not have a whole lot to offer. However, that dietician can pin all kinds of healthy recipes (including directions and stunning pictures) to share with their clients. A wedding planner has access to thousands of ceremony and reception ideas and a landscaper has a wealth of garden ideas for budgets of all sizes. Think outside the box and you’ll probably think of an application for your business!
Pinterest can be found at (As of this writing, this is a free service.)
SnapGuide is an application that is specific for iOS products (such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch) that allows you to create an instruction guide that can be read on these devices. With a little effort and some really good digital photos, you can create a visually appealing instruction guide about any of your products or services and share them with your network. There are samples on the site that include instructions for entertaining, cooking new recipes, repairs, do-it-yourself projects, and a lot more.
You can link SnapGuide to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that each time you publish a SnapGuide, everyone that follows you will get the message. This is a great option if you would like to spread the news about what you are doing and appeal to visual customers and prospects.
Visit for more details and to get in on the fun. (As of this writing, this is a free service.)
Staying in the Loop
There are other sites that list interesting networks, offer associations, and have the potential to help you market your business. However, there are many sites that come and go, so we encourage you to look for them online, particularly those that are related to your industry. No matter what you do, there is probably something out there for you. We have encountered sites that focus on dogs, athletics, organization, music, writing books, and more. Have some fun searching!