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Vlogs and YouTube
Video is a very popular form of communication and vloggers have adapted quickly to this technology. You can take your print blog and simply record yourself discussing what is there and add a video link to your blog, or you can use a site like ever-expanding YouTube to set up your own channel, get people to comment on your vlogs, share instructional videos, allow people watch you in interviews, and much more.
Vlogs are created in a similar process to blogs, but they are normally more expensive to produce. You need to have a good room (with no noise, echoes, or interruptions) in order to record video and audio files. You also need to have some kind of editing software. No one really wants to watch the fumbles and mishaps that go on while you are recording, except for maybe your mom.
If you are creating a series of instructional videos, for example, you need to have the course well scripted and recorded by someone who has had instruction in drama, recording arts, television, and even music. Also, you must be very aware of copyright law at all times, especially if you want music clips in the introduction or credits, or during transitions.
There are people who create reasonable quality vlogs simply using their webcam and speakers with a decent microphone. Others create poor quality vlogs, and that can be a dint in your reputation. If you decide that you would like to be a vlogger, we recommend that you look at lots of samples and then speak with a few people in the recording arts industry or take some classes that are specifically about this topic. Once you do so, you are in a better position to decide if vlogging is something that you want to invest in either on an ongoing basis or as part of a special project.